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75th Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing the Best 75th Birthday Gift Ideas

For a person who may have everything, it can be difficult coming up with 75th birthday gift ideas.  Take some time to think of what your friend or family member will truly appreciate.  Then be a little creative and take that gift idea to the next level.

A man or woman who has seen 74 other birthdays come and go may be difficult to surprise.  Don’t let that stop you.  Sometimes the simplest, unexpected things are the perfect ones.

Consider their current hobbies.  If they enjoy golf, green fee gift certificates or golf pro lessons can be nice.  But what about some genuine golf memorabilia, such as a signed photo of their favorite player from years gone by?  Websites like eBay are full of one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be reminders of their favorite past time.

Or focus on the future for some unique 75th birthday gift ideas.  They may be intimidated by the latest technology, but would appreciate the many benefits it can deliver.  Buy them a gadget and attach a certificate to be redeemed for personal lessons with you as the instructor.  This will be quality time together and may steer them towards a new hobby or passion.

Books are often a safe bet for the reader in your life.  Investigate something that is of personal interest to them and search out books on that topic.  Anything from Roman history to the spy and crime world or witty comics is sure to be represented at the book stores.  Look for the latest on a topic as new research is guaranteed to be fresh.  But also search for classics, first editions or rare books that might interest them.

Nostalgic collections can be wonderful 75th birthday gift ideas.  How about a montage of music from his youth or a box full of candies and treats she loved as a child?  This will not only bring back memories but also help to celebrate their milestone.  Trivia from their year of birth is a popular idea, as are historical data and pictures.

The 75th year is also considered the platinum year.  Platinum jewelry can be found for both men and women and can also be personalized with the birthday boy’s or girl’s information.  A ring, bracelet, flask or lighter can all be tasteful and appropriate gifts for a platinum birthday.

Making something yourself for a birthday gift is often appreciated.  Knit a sweater, scarf or socks.  Paint a picture or a piece of pottery.  Photographs, frames, poetry and scrapbooks are all good gift ideas that communicate care and thoughtfulness.  Ensure that your gift is something useful or will have a place in their collection.

If someone does indeed have everything, it can be a good idea to give the gift of food.  Restaurant gift cards, gourmet baskets and specialty meals can be purchased with the birthday individual in mind.  Make a meal and deliver it yourself, along with an offer to stay and clean up.

Perhaps the greatest gift that can be given is dedicated time together.  Plan a party - large or small depending on the preferences of the birthday boy or girl. Gather family members from far away as a surprise.  Attend something special to the birthday girl, like a favorite musical performance or sporting event, even if it’s not your first choice.  The time that you will have together creating memories will be a gift to everyone in attendance.  Offer your services if it’s appropriate.  House maintenance, pet sitting and car washes are gifts of service that will be much appreciated.

Remember that the gift you give should reflect your love for the birthday boy or girl.  It should be about them and their interests.  Take some time to think of creative, surprising and thoughtful gifts that will make their 75th birthday one to remember.



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