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50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

The Best 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas Ever

Reaching the 50th birthday is a milestone that deserves one of the best 50th birthday celebration ideas. It is the beginning of the second half of life and a celebration of the first half of life. This day commands a lively, well-planned celebration. There are many ways to commemorate this once in a lifetime event, including these best ever ideas for a 50th birthday celebration.

The funeral party is most likely the best known of the 50th birthday celebration ideas. It typically consists of black flower arrangements, R.I.P. invitations and a cake with a tombstone. The funeral party can be held in the local funeral home if permission can be obtained. If not, it could be held outdoors in a dark are with tombstones for decorations. If dinner is being held at a restaurant, a limo could be used to symbolize a funeral procession. The funeral party is a classic 50th celebration that is a lot of fun to host and attend.

The sentimental 50th birthday party is as fun to put together as it is to attend. This type party takes a little more time to plan as it requires input from many people. Items of nostalgia are gathered that are a part of the birthday person’s life both now and then. Pictures, tickets stubs, now-and-then items are all used to put together the decorations. Invitations for the sentimental party can be made using then and now picture of the guest. If time and images allow, this type of party can include a CD or DVD of pictures during the person’s life using music that covers their entire life period as well.

Over-the-hill parties are another one of the best 50thbirthday celebration ideas. The theme says it all and guests get to poke fun at the aging birthday person. Decorations include adult diapers, Geritol vitamins, reading glasses, arthritis cream and any other items that signify aging. The guest of honor should have a rocking chair to sit in and a cane for a prop. Guests are encouraged to bring gag gifts to signify being over the hill.

If the guest of honor is more into class and maturity, then a more mature party is called for. A golden celebration with gold and white décor is appropriate and signifies a golden moment in life. This type of party can be a wine and cheese party with an elegantly decorated cake. A golden celebration party can be held in a home or in a banquet room at a local restaurant where different wines can be served along with appetizers. Golden celebrations tend to be more subdued than other types of 50th birthday celebrations but are just as much fun.

Plan a time capsule party for the guest of honor who is embarking on a new century of life. Decorate with items from the first fifty years of life. Research and find one item for each year, such as the hula hoop or mood ring, use these as decorations and gag gifts. For the time capsule, ask guests to bring something they would like to put in the birthday person’s time capsule. Seal these up in a box and give it to the guest of honor with strict instruction on how long into the future it has to be held before opening.

Planning for a milestone birthday doesn’t have to be difficult, a little research and tips on the best 50th birthday celebration ideas will help get the party started.



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