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17th Birthday Ideas

17th Birthday: Ideas for Celebration

If you are thinking up 17th birthday ideas, it can get a little tricky because it is an age at the cusp of adulthood but technically still a teenage year. How do you bridge this gap in celebrating this last pre-adult birthday? Whether it is your own birthday or you are planning a celebration for a friend or family member the most important thing to keep in mind is the personality and interests of the birthday person.

Birthdays are a celebration of the person as much as the age they are reaching and so the ideas have to fit the person being celebrated. While a costume party is a great idea for some 17-year olds it may not be a good fit for someone who dislikes dressing up in unusual attire. Similarly for a boisterous young man or woman a visit to a high-end restaurant may not seem particularly thrilling or exciting.

The other important detail to factor in while considering 17th birthday ideas is a budget. There is a party for every pocket but it is a good starting point to know how much you want to spend on the party as that can help decide scale, location and other crucial details. If you want to splurge, you can go all out and rent a stretch limo and take the birthday boy to a popular sporting event or take the birthday girl and her friends to a nice day at the spa or throw gender stereotyping out and take them to whatever special occasion catches their fancy! You can also rent a suite at a hotel, and this is less expensive than it sounds, thereby providing the party-goers with access to the hotel pool and game room and this way there is no need to deal with the actual clean-up. At this age it seems like it will be awkward to have a bowling party or a gym party, but you can do a slightly adult twist on these tried and tested ideas by planning a cosmic bowling night or rent the gym for a vigorous game of basketball or volleyball.

If you want to consider a more straight-forward party without coupling it with some other activity you can choose from a whole range of ideas. You can go all out formal and book a table at a nice restaurant and invite the guests with a formal invite and request RSVPs. You can also suggest a formal dress code of black and white and this can also make the young men and women feel like it is a grand affair. This can be a good party for a 17 year old who is chaffing to be treated like a mature adult. A more casual teenager may enjoy a rock-and-roll party. You can sometimes rent hotel ballrooms at reasonable prices if you are flexible with your dates and time and by using a local high-school band you can create a great live-music vibe which will work very well for such a themed party.

If you want to keep your costs down, you can host a party at home or in an outdoor setting like a park. There can be video-game party at home with all the guests participating in a video-game tournament. You can create an international-theme party by setting up different cuisine in different rooms and offering musical choices and activities from around the world for entertainment. This may be a great party for the would-be traveler or the culturally curious teen. If your 17-year old has always loved puzzles and treasure-hunts, you can set up a scavenger hunt around town with the help of a few friends and neighbors. This will be a big step-up from home treasure-hunts and a mark of their growing up. You can keep the food options simple for home parties but make sure there are large volumes of whatever you are serving - a buffer of choices will probably be the best bet for this age group.

There are some 17-year olds who may also like an evening with the family watching a movie and going out to dinner or playing a favorite family game. If all birthday parties are an expression of affection and acknowledgement of strong ties, there is no party that can go wrong. Plan with care but allow for different moods and tastes and stay flexible and at all times remember that the idea is to celebrate and have fun!



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